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How To Start and Run a Resale (Thrift or Consignment) Shop 

By Diane Meyerhoff and Betsy Morris

You can run a thrift shop that:

(1) provides employment for people,

(2) recycles and re-uses stuff that might otherwise be discarded,

(3) generates revenue for your agency, and

(4) provides low-cost goods for people in your community who can use them.

bulletDiane Meyerhoff and Betsy Morris have produced an excellent workbook that:
bulletincludes an overview of the industry,
bulletidentifies the varieties of resale shops (consignment, thrift, specialty),
bulletcovers the basic issues on Non-profits operating a revenue generating business,
bulletgives you a format and process for doing a feasibility study and business plan,
bulletdescribes what it costs to start and run a thrift shop,
bulletprovides models for operations,
bulletdiscusses inventory -- and what you do with donated good you do not want,
bulletgives examples of marketing and advertising,
bullethas four case studies,
bulletlists sources of technical assistance,
bulletincludes an annotated bibliography,
bulletsummarizes information on software for retail/inventory/consignment shops,
bulletincludes abstracts of articles, and
bulletlists other resources for Non-profits starting businesses.

"This is the BEST workbook on how to figure out if a thrift shop is a feasible venture and on how to operate a thrift shop I've seen yet. And I've looked at all that I could find," says Jim Masters, President of the Center for Community Futures.

So, use the online order form to order! You are going to find this material useful whether you are already running a thrift shop and want to improve it, or if you are just checking into the possibility of starting one.

P.S. The tremendous expansion in re-using and re-cycling offers new opportunities for starting or expanding resale shops. The workbook tells you how.

Price: $79. Click here to order.


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