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Family Development and Case Management Summer Institutes for Head Start Programs

Click here for the Final Rules/Head Start Program Performance Standards:
Subpart E—Family & Community Partnership Program Services
in PDF format.

The next Management Insitute will be held July 22-26, 2019 at CalState University, East Bay, CA.

The next Basic Skills Summer Institutes (1 and 2) will be held June 24-28, 2019 at Cal State University Downtown Oakland Center, CA.

Note: Summer Institutes will include info on the PFCE framework.

General Information:

Faculty members from the California State University East Bay, the University of California at Berkeley and other California universities and other experts in family development conduct Summer Institutes each year to provide intensive training in family development and case management for Head Start employees.

The curriculum is now updated and is completely based on the new Parent, Family Community Engagement (PFCE) framework.  On June 6, 2012 H.H.S. published ACF-IM-HS-12-05, Head Start and Early Head Start Relationship-Based Competencies for Staff and Supervisors who Work With Families. Each workshop topic will cover the Relationship Based Competencies (RBC’s) for staff. The RBC’s start on page 5 of the attachment to IM-12-05. That document is at:  

If you complete these two classroom courses (3 credits each) and the two homework courses (also 3 credits each), you can get the Certificate in Family Development from California State University at East Bay (12 credits total). However, you do NOT have to be enrolled for college credit to attend a Summer Institute, although virtually everybody who enrolls gets a passing grade.  Over 600 people have received college credit from CSU and everybody has been successful when they transferred these credits from CSU to a college in their home state.

Each day the participants use case studies of “typical” Head Start families to practice using the methods presented. Additionally, the faculty provide case consultation to you about your most difficult families. These Summer Institutes are an exciting, low-cost opportunity to build the knowledge and skills of people in Head Start. You can develop staff capabilities and improve program quality, get up-to-speed on the new PFCE and meet performance standards.

The Center for Community Futures can provide these classes at your location. We have provided these for college credit during the school year for the Riverside County Office of Education, Oakland Head Start, the Tulare County Office of Education and others.  Click here for more information.

bullet For information on Basic Skills, please click this link.
bullet For information regarding the Management Institute for Head Start 2019, please click this link. The Head Start Management Institute assumes you are beyond entry-level and will focus on more advanced topics including mental health, substance abuse, domestic violence, and crisis intervention.
What do Basic Skills Attendees say about the Summer Institutes?

  “Awesome agenda. Love the many ideas for helping families set goals. Great mix of presentation techniques.” - Theresa Hartman, Head Start Family Support Coordinator, Bozeman, MT
  “Excellent.” – Numerous Evaluators
  “Good way to increase skills for more entry-level. Great source to network.” – S. Bah, Family Advocate
  “Great workshops!” – Anonymous
  “I had a super time here in the Bay Area. People were very friendly and training was very informative. Thanks.” -- Dawn Bines, Family Resource Assistant, Warren, PA
  “I really enjoyed the training. Awesome!” – Anonymous
  “Nice work! Very interesting information.” -- Brenda Chavez, Family Service Coordinator, Eagle County Schools ECP
  “Overall, the Institute was excellent.” – Anonymous
  “Thank you! Teachers/presenters were educated, knowledgeable and well organized!” -- Shannon Gomez, FSW
  “The sessions were all very interesting.” -- Ida Diaz, Family Advocate II, CAPMC Fresno Migrant Head Start
  “Very good! I loved this training.” – Anonymous
  “Wonderful material. Thank you!” --  Patricia Benefield, Family Services Case Manager, Coastal Community Action, Inc.
  “Wonderful presentation, fun, informative, great.” -- Felipe Lopez, Family Service Worker, Volunteers of America Head Start
  “You do a great job. Thanks for everything.” – Nora Vasquez, Nutrition Specialist/FSA, Colorado River Indian Tribes Head Start

For more info on Basic Skills, please click here.

For more info on the Management Insitute, please click here.

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