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  APPENDIX F  Participant List



Aspen Wye River Conference Center  
Queenstown, Maryland  
August 18-19, 2004

Joe Brooks, Director  
Capacity Building and Civic Engagement  
101 Broadway  
Oakland, CA 94607  
Phone: 510-663-4317 Fax: 510-587-1117  

Anita Carwile, Relationship Manager  
Volunteer and Community Partnerships  
Internal Revenue Service  
401 West Peachtree Street, STOP WI-53  
Atlanta, GA 30308  
Phone: 404-338-8825 Fax: 404-338-8664  

Kit Danley, Founder and President  
Neighborhood Ministries  
1918 West Van Buren Street  
Phoenix, AZ 85009  
Phone: 602-252-5225 Fax: 602-252-3171  

Gordon Fisher, Program Analyst  
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation  
Department of Health and Human Services  
200 Independence Avenue, Room 404 E  
Washington, DC 20201  
Phone: 202-690-6143  

Cornelia Flora, Director and University Distinguished Professor  
Sociology Department  
Iowa State University  
107 Curtiss Hall  
Ames, IA 50011-1050  
Phone: 515-294-1329 Fax: 515-294-3180  

Nancy Fritz, Executive Director  
Coastal Community Action Program  
P.O. Box 808; 4 Union Street  
Rockland, ME 04841  
Phone: 207-596-0361 Fax: 201-594-2695  

John Iceland, Ph.D., Assistant Professor  
Sociology Department  
University of Maryland  
2112 Art/Sociology Building  
College Park, MD 20742  
Phone: 301-405-6430 Fax: 301-314-6892  

Sally Moore, Executive Director  
Sandoval County Economic Opportunity Corporation
P.O. Box 757  
Bernalillo, NM 87004  
Phone: 505-867-3374 Fax: 505-872-0392

James Norman, President and CEO  
Action for a Better Community, Inc.  
550 East Main Street  
Rochester, NY 14604  
Phone: 585-295-1825 Fax: 585-325-2266  

Greg Owen, Ph.D., Consulting Scientist  
Wilder Research Center  
1295 Bandana Boulevard, Suite 210  
St. Paul, MN 55108  
Phone: 651-647-4612 Fax: 651-647-4623  

Michael H. Shuman, Vice President for Enterprise Development  
Training and Development Corporation  
3713 Warren Street NW  
Washington, DC 20016  
Phone: 202-364-4051 Fax: 202-318-0756  

Mike Thorsteinson, Executive Director  
Three Rivers Community Action  
1414 North Start Drive  
Zumbrota, MN 55992  
Phone: 507-732-8501 Fax: 507-732-8547  

Timothy Warfield, Executive Director  
National Association for State Community Services Programs  
444 North Capitol Street NW, Suite 395  
Washington, DC 20001  
Phone: 202-624-5866 Fax: 202-624-8472  

Patricia Wilson-Coker, Commissioner  
Department of Social Services  
State of Connecticut  
25 Sigourney Street  
Hartford, CT 06002  
Phone: 860-424-5008 Fax: 860-424-5129  



Project Champion: Clarence Carter

Strategic Team and Writers: Nancy Polend, Ed Strong, and Jeannine La Prad

Project Staff: Julie Jakopic, Tarryl Clark, Jim Masters, Bonita Turner, Dennis Parker, Martin Brown, Lisa Cummins, and Gary Stokes

Project Contributors: Jerry Friedman, Charisse Mitchell, Barbara Hulburt, and all of the working session participants (see meeting records in Appendix E for participant list)

Researchers and Editors: Nina Babich, Tammy Coxen, Tim Dunn, Kathy Stocking, Gary Yakimov, Tatiana Bailey, Fei Fei Metzler, Jan Kaplan

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4    Chapter 5

Appendix A (21st Century Model to Address Poverty)
Appendix B (Poverty Programs Summary and Matrix)
Appendix C  (Issue Papers)
Appendix C1 (
Initiative context presentation: Characteristics of Successful Change)
Appendix D  (Income and Work Support Policies and Strategies)
Appendix D1 (Working Session Descriptions)
Appendix D2 (Working Session Descriptions, continued)
Appendix E  (Working Session Descriptions, continued)
Appendix E1  
Appendix E2 (Current state presentation: Highlights from the research)
Appendix F (Participant List)
Appendix G (Project Staff List)


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