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Information about College Credits for the Family Development and Case Management Summer Institutes for Head Start Programs presented by the Center for Community Futures.

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College Credit from California State University East Bay
for completion of classes provided through the Center for Community Futures (November, 2017)

I. Number of Credits and Payment. College credit can be obtained for a Summer Institute.  This requires (a) registration with California State University East Bay (we provide copies of their form) and (b) a personal or company check payable to CSUEB. The cost is $89 per credit hour.   This is $267 for 3 credits; and $178 for 2 credits.  NOTE:  Summer Institute courses are offered with a letter grade (A, B, C, D, or F).

II. Family Development Summer Institutes for local Head Start Programs: Course Numbers/Names.

Courses Included in the Certificate Program in Family Development
HDEV 7400-HA    Family Worker Classroom Training 1.   (3 credits)
HDEV 7401-HA    Field Work 1 at work site.                       (3 credits)
HDEV 7402-HA    Family Worker Classroom Training 2.   (3 credits)
HDEV 7403-HA    Field Work 2 at work site.                       (3 credits)

Other Courses.
EPSY 7373-HA   Summer Institute:  Family Development Case Management. 
(3 Credits)  This is what we call “Advanced Case Management”
EPSY 7374-HA   Summer Institute:  Management and Policy Makers (2 credits)

III.  How to Get a Course Attendance Verification or an Official Transcript

If a student needs verification of a course they completed, for example for an employer, they can send a written request to:
University Extension                     Ph:  510.885.3605  Fax: 510.885.4817
Cal State University East Bay
25800 Carlos Bee Boulevard, SA 1700
Hayward, CA 94542-3012

Include in your request:
Your Name
Social Security Number
Course title and course number (see above)
Dates of attendance
Where you want the verification sent
The cost of a ARecord of Course Completed” is $4.  Make the check payable to CSUEB

A request for an official transcript should be sent to:
Cal State University East Bay
Attn: Transcripts, Office of Enrollment Services  
25800 Carlos Bee Blvd
Hayward, CA 94542-3055 

To get an official transcript, include the following information.  PRINT your:
Social Security Number                                                                                
Date of Birth
Name and number of course.
Dates of Attendance
Where you want the transcript sent (name and address of the registrar of the other  college)

Include a check for $6 payable to CSUEB

Allow ten working days for processing        

You can also order a transcript online at  Select:  Order a transcript, then select California State University East Bay.  NOTE:  California State University requires your authorization to release your transcript. Your transcript will not be processed until the authorization is received.
A signature authorization form will be made available at the completion of this online order. It must be printed out, signed by you -- and faxed or mailed into CSU.
Questions?  Ph: 510.885.3814. 

IV.  Academic Credit.  The exact language from Cal State University Hayward follows:

Courses numbered 7000-7799  (NOTE: all of our courses are in this series).

AThese courses are upper division undergraduate or post-baccalaureate level courses that have been structured in accordance with requirements for the Cal State University East Bay (CSUEB) regular academic programs and are usually transferable for elective  - units credit toward the Bachelor's degree (with a 36 unit maximum) and educational  credentials at CSUEB. Their applicability for any other programs (e.g. graduate course work, programs at other universities) is determined by that department or University. 

AGenerally, these courses are accepted by school districts for advancement on the salary scale and are used as elective units toward this State=s Preliminary and/or Clear teaching credential or Supplementary Authorizations.

V.  Conversion Chart from Quarter to Semester Units. 

CSUEB courses are measured in quarter units of credit, convertible to semester units of credit by multiplying quarter units by 2/3





1 and 1/3




2 and 2/3

FYI the CSU East Bay website is 

To enroll for credit, please complete and return to instructor:

HDEV 7400 Contract Registration Form for CSUEB

HDEV 7401 Contract Registration Form for CSUEB

Management Institute Contract Registration Form for CSUEB

For further information on the Summer Institutes, please click this link.


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