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PFCE:  Parent, Family and Community Engagement Framework

As you know the Office of Head Start has recently issued several publications and informational videos on the new Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) framework.  We have added the PFCE framework to the Summer Institutes for Family Development taking place on the campus at the University of California from June 19-22, and at the San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf Holiday Inn from July 25-27.

The college credit courses and the Certificate in Family Development from the California State University East Bay are designed to provide the latest in knowledge and skills development to enable your Head Start/Early Head Start program to (a) meet and exceed the performance standards and other requirements from OHS, and (b) provide the best services possible based on the latest in research and field practices in social work and human development.  You and your team will benefit from the PFCE information we have added to this training experience.  We have: 

  • Created an annotated bibliography of all of the new PFCE materials, both written and videos.

  • Printed the key documents for inclusion in the Summer Institute three-ring binder of handouts, and for use in the individual classes. 

  • Added a walk-through of these materials to the opening session, using hotlinks to go to the OHS website as appropriate. 

  • Updated the courses to reflect the key elements of the PFCE framework.  The portions of the PFCE framework that are related to each class will be covered in the class. 

  • Created a table as a new tool to understand the relationships between the PFCE framework and IM-HS-01-08, Head Start Family Worker Training and Credentialing. 

  • Created a table that is a meaningful tool for showing the relationships between the PFCE framework, the performance standards, and related questions on the monitoring protocol. 

In summary, we have been actively tracking all the new requirements and materials for the PFCE framework for use in the Summer Institutes.  Our goal is to provide you and your team with a comprehensive educational and training experience that you can apply to help achieve the desired results of your program.

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