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For Local Head Start Programs

Policies On Your Drive 2017 (POD2017)

New Final Rules:  New Policies and Procedures

On September 6, 2016 the Head Start Program Performance Standards were published in the Federal Register, which include 1,306 requirements for Head Start programs. 

How will your program develop policies and procedures that meet all of these requirements? Use Policies On Your Drive 2017

This 686-page Microsoft Word Policies and Procedures Manual:

  • has 440 draft policies and procedures
  • is organized by the structure of the Head Start Program Performance Standards
  • references the regulations related to the policies
  • is useful for both Grantee and program level operations
  • is available in electronic format
  • was developed by word-smithing, policy writing, project management experts
  • makes it easier to formulate, locate, modify, and manage policies and procedures for your Head Start/Early Head Start program.

    Click here to order.

PAPA-Up Policies And Procedures Analysis and Updating Process (PAPA-UP) services for Head Start Programs. Working on policies and procedures? Click here for help.

Does your program have a written area plan for Family and Community Partnerships?  Send it to us--and we can share it with other programs.

June 27-30, 2017 based on the Relationship Based Competencies for staff who work with families, at the Oakland Marriott City Center. See

Click here for information on the Management Institute for Head Start. Monday, July 24-Friday, July 28, 2017 in San Francisco.

The Salary and Benefits Survey Report of Local Head Start Programs 2015 is now available.

Survey participants received a discount on the price of the Report. Non-participants can ask about ordering the Report by sending e-mail to

Read our responses to OHS' "Wage Comparability 101: A Guide for Conducting a Wage and Fringe Benefits Comparability Survey" questions by clicking this link.

Wage and Benefits Comparability Survey We can help you with your Wage and Benefits Comparability Study.

Other Products for Head Start Programs:



Review Ready! 2017 E-File is now available

The Center for Community Futures is pleased to announce the availability of the Review Ready! 2017 E-file for use by your local Head Start program to help get ready for the next Federal review. 

The electronic file is an Excel spreadsheet available through Google Drive (or you can put it on your network) that has:

  • The complete text of the Monitoring Protocol review questions for both FY 2017 Early Head Start–Child Care Partnership Monitoring Protocol and FY 2017 Office of Head Start ERSEA Monitoring Protocol (but the CLASS tool is not included)
  • The corresponding Performance Standards, Federal regulations, and Head Start Act requirements spelled out next to their applicable review items
  • Spreadsheet with all of the new Final Rules (Head Start Program Performance Standards) of September, 2016
  • Spreadsheet with the entire Head Start Act (reauthorized December 2007)
  • Space for writing notes
  • Ability for staff to share and edit the file.


Community Assessment: A How-To Guide for Local Head Start Programs.   Currently being updated for 2017.

By Elizabeth W. Morris, Ph.D. 


We can help you with Your Community Assessment




Family Development and Community Partnerships: Summer Institutes


Parent Survey System for local Head Start programs



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ACF/DHHS Head Start Bureau

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