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Salary Survey Report of Local Head Start Programs 2012

including Salaries, Fringe Benefits, and Personnel Policies

1) Salary Survey Report of Local Head Start Programs 2012 information

2) Ordering

3) Individualized Comparisons

4) OHS "Wage Comparability 101" info

1) The Salary Survey Report of Local Head Start Programs 2012 presents the data collected from our national Salary Survey of Local Head Start Programs, including fringe benefits, pay rates, and personnel policies. This unique Report includes data from 140 Head Start programs on:

bullet 134 key Head Start positions, from Accountant to Volunteerism Coordinator;  

Click this thumbnail to see a sample Salary Chart from the 2012 Report:

bullet Fringe benefits and leave practices, including data on:  
  bullet Insurance coverage: Health, Dental, Life, Disability, and Vision (single and dependent);  
  bullet Tuition reimbursement;  
  bullet Retirement benefits;  
  bullet Vacation days and sick leave;  
bullet Personnel practices, including:  
  bullet Paid holidays  
  bullet Paid maternity leave  
  bullet Workweek hours  
  bullet Flex time and job sharing  
  bullet Mileage reimbursement rates  
  bullet COLA and Merit Pay increases  
  bullet And more.  

The positions we surveyed include:


Administrative Assistant
Administrative Specialist
Area Manager
Assistant Director
Assistant Teacher
Bilingual Family Service Worker
Bus Driver
Bus Monitor
Case Management Specialist
Case Manager
Case Manager Supervisor
Case Specialist
Center Aide
Center Manager
Classroom Aide/Assistant
Community & Family Partnership Specialist
Community Partnership Developer
Component/Area Coordinator
Component/Area Director
Component/Area Manager
Computer Manager
Cook Aide/Assistant
Custodian/Maintenance Aide
Custodian/Maintenance Worker
Data Entry Specialist
Deputy Director
Developmental Specialist
Disabilities Coordinator
Disabilities Service Aide
Disabilities Specialist
Education Coordinator
Education Resource Specialist
Education Supervisor
Eligibility Technician
Enrollment Specialist
Executive Assistant
Executive Secretary
Family/Community Advocate
Family & Community Partnership Coordinator
Family Advocate
Family Development Coordinator
Family Development Manager
Family Development Specialist
Family Development Worker
Family Service Aide
Family Service Assistant
Family Service Coordinator
Family Service Director
Family Service Manager
Family Service Specialist
Family Service Worker
Family Specialist
Fiscal Assistant
Fiscal Director
Fiscal Manager
Fiscal Officer
Fiscal Specialist
Food Service Aide
Food Service Worker
Head Start Director
Health Assistant/Aide
Health Services Coordinator
Health Services Manager
Home Base Coordinator
Home Base Supervisor
Home Visitor
Human Resources Assistant
Human Resources Coordinator
Human Resources Director
Human Resources Manager
Infant/Toddler Specialist
Information Manager
Information Specialist
Intake Supervisor
Intake Worker
Literacy Coordinator
Literacy Manager
Literacy Specialist
Mental Health Coordinator
Mental Health Counselor
Mental Health Specialist
Mental Health Supervisor
Nutrition Aide
Nutrition Services Coordinator
Office Assistant
Office Manager
Operations Assistant
Parent Education Specialist
Parent Involvement Specialist
Parent Involvement/Social Services Coordinator
Parent Involvement/Social Services Specialist
Payroll/Personnel Clerk
Program Aide/Assistant
Program Area Coordinator
Program Area Manager
Program Counselor
Program Enrichment Specialist
Referral Specialist
Senior Bus Driver
Social Services Assistant
Social Services Coordinator
Social Services Manager
Social Services Supervisor
Social Worker
Special Services Coordinator
Special Services Manager
Strategic Planner
Teacher 1: Associates degree in ECE
Teacher 2: Baccalaureate degree in ECE
Teacher 3: Advanced degree in ECE
Teacher 4: Associates degree in related field
Teacher 5: Baccalaureate in related field
Teacher 6: Advanced degree in related field
Teacher 7: Childhood Development Associate (CDA) credential
Teacher 8: State awarded certificate (exceeding CDA credential)
Teacher 9: degree in related field, with experience, and a state awarded certificate (exceeding CDA credential)
Teacher 10 (not meeting any of the above 9 positions)
Teacher Aide
Technical Specialist
Training Facilitator
Transition Specialist
Transportation Director
Transportation Supervisor
Volunteerism Coordinator
Volunteerism Manager

The data is categorized by seven program characteristics that will help you pinpoint the salary rates most applicable to your program because they reflect the activity of programs most similar to yours in terms of:

bulletProgram type (private or public),
bulletStructure (Grantee only, Delegate agency, or Grantee with delegates),
bulletEnrollment slots,
bulletService Area (urban, rural, or mixed),
bulletNumber of employees, and
bulletFederal region.

2) This Report costs $345 and can be purchased on our online
Order Form

 Or you can order via PayPal: 

Programs that participated in the Survey and ordered the Report received a $100 discount off the cost of the Report.

3) Individualized Comparisons -- see

4) The Office of Head Start published "Wage Comparability 101: A Guide for Conducting a Wage and Fringe Benefits Comparability Survey", which is available through the Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center website at:

See our response to their questions by clicking this link (pdf file).


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